Flowers in the Window CAL Cushion

The wait is over for the matching Cushion to our Flowers in the Window CAL. Almost a year after the

Yarn In the Press: Yarn Bombers Recreate Town

We are nutty about knitting, wool and yarn and love seeing your amazing creations come to life. A talented group

National Knitting Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing – the latest colourful knitting craze is taking over our public streets, growing in popularity each year. So

“A Typical British Summer” King Cole Knit-Along

A nostalgic throwback to those glorious summer days by the seaside, when a 99 cost as much and jelly shoes

King Cole: The Only Wholesale Supplier For Independents

We have been a wholesale supplier providing for independent wool retailers for decades and this is why they choose to

Your Complete Wool Wholesaler

We are one of the most established and trusted wool wholesaler suppliers and have even received an award from the

Scarf Knitting Patterns

Summer is long behind us, thoughts are turning to the festive period, and the chilly days are drifting in. Winter

Flowers in the Window Blanket Crochet-Along

Join in with the first King Cole Crochet Along Click on the links below to download all the current Instalments

International Yarn Bombing Day: Your Guide to This Year’s Event

Yarn bombing has taken the knitting world by storm over the last few years, so much so that there is

Knitting Guide – Part Three

Abbreviations Explained Knitting – an introduction’ offered hints, tricks and knowledge to get you started on your knitting journey. ‘Knitting

Knitting Guide – Part Two

Slip Knots Cast On and Bind Off Once you have all your tools ready including yarn, needles, measuring tape and

Knitting – An Introduction

The first in our series, ‘Knitting – An Introduction’ offers hints, tricks and knowledge to get you started on your