EN71-3 Certificates

King Cole’s yarns have always complied with the recognised international standards for knitting yarns. As we do not produce and sell toys, we have not previously tested our yarns to the standards for toy manufacturing. However, we recognise that many of our customers do wish to sell toys they have crafted using our yarns and patterns. Therefore to help you, the crafter, we decided to conduct the testing ourselves and provide all the required certifications as a free service so that you can craft and sell toys with confidence that they are safe for use by children.

European standard EN 71 specifies safety requirements for toys. Compliance with the standard is legally required for all toys sold in the European Union. Although the UK is no longer in the EU, here at King Cole we maintain specific standards such as these.

The EN 71-3 standard is designed to assess the migration of certain chemicals into the body if a toy or components of a toy were to be swallowed by a child. In the EU the migration of these elements is assessed by immersing the yarn in an acid, designed to represent stomach acid, for two hours.

We tested the base yarn colours Yellow/Red/Blue/Black which are the building blocks for any shade/colour, it’s called the CMYK System which is used for all forms of printing.

Our dye system follows the exact same principles, for example, Pale Blue will be 20% Blue or Cream will be 15% Yellow/5%Red

The yarns we now have EN71-3 certification for all shades are below, including links to the certificates:

Big Value DK 50g

NEW: Big Value 4Ply

NEW: Big Value Aran

NEW: Big Value Bounty Aran

NEW: Big Value Baby 2Ply

NEW: Big Value Baby 3Ply

NEW: Big Value Baby 4Ply

NEW: Big Value Baby Chunky

NEW: Big Value Baby DK

NEW: Big Value Baby Superball DK

NEW: Big Value Baby DK 50g

NEW: Big Value Baby DK with a Twist

NEW: Big Value Baby DK with a Twist Superball

NEW: Big Value BIG

NEW: Big Value Chunky

NEW: Big Value Poplar Chunky

NEW: Big Value Super Chunky

NEW: Big Value Super Chunky Stormy

Cottonsoft DK

Cottonsoft Baby Crush DK

Cottonsoft Candy DK

Cottonsoft Crush DK

NEW: Cosmos

Cuddles Chunky

Dollymix DK

Funny Yummy

NEW: Galaxy DK

NEW: Giza Cotton 4Ply

NEW: Giza Cotton Sorbet 4Ply

Glitz DK

Baby Glitz DK

Luxury Fur

NEW: Merino Blend DK

NEW: Merino Blend 4Ply

NEW: Undyed Merino Blend DK

NEW: Undyed Merino Blend 4Ply

Moments DK

Pricewise DK

Super Yummy

Tinsel Chunky


Tufty Super Chunky


Yummy Crush

NEW: Zig Zag 4Ply

The yarns we have tested cover all of our toy patterns so that if a pattern is made as directed using the yarns specified, the resulting product is suitable for babies and children.

Our copyrights apply only to written patterns, not to the finished products. In short, photocopying and selling patterns is illegal, but knitting a toy and selling it is okay.

Oeko-Tex certificates.

Please note all of our yarns are Oeko-Tex certified. Find all our certificates below:

IS005 185066 OETİ (30.06.2023)(metallized )
IS005 185287 OETI (31.07.2023)
IS005 195796 OETİ (28.02.2024)
IS005 182242 OETİ (30.04.2024)

22.HTR.03845 HAZİRAN 2024
22.HTR.03353 HAZİRAN 2024
20.HTR.07473 HAZİRAN 2024
16.HTR.77775 MART 2024

Forest Aran and Wildwood Chunky