Discontinued Baby Sleeping Bag Patterns

Important Update: We’re discontinuing our baby hooded sleeping bag patterns – please read our full statement below


We have decided to stop selling all our patterns featuring hooded sleeping bag patterns for babies. A recent UK Government Product Safety Report highlighted the potential risks to babies and infants using such products, resulting in online marketplaces, such as Amazon, removing all listings that include hooded sleeping bags for babies.


Whilst no King Cole patterns were explicitly mentioned in the government report, we feel discontinuing these patterns is absolutely the right thing to do. The patterns we are discontinuing are as follows:


5766, 2766, 2823, 5000, 4534, 5945, 5603, 5972, and Aran Book 2.


For stockists, please destroy any copies of these patterns you have and we will be happy to replace them with any pattern of your choosing in your next order. Similarly, for knitters and crocheters, we recommend you do not use these patterns. If you return them to your local King Cole stockist, we will be happy to facilitate a replacement for you.


We have conducted a thorough review of our pattern catalogues, but if you do see another hooded sleeping bag pattern from our collection that we haven’t removed, please highlight it to enquiries@kingcole.com, and we will deal with it immediately.


Thank you for your cooperation.




Older patterns may still be in circulation. We strongly advise you against using these patterns to make baby sleeping bags with hoods.


Older patterns include but are not limited to: