Yarn In the Press: Yarn Bombers Recreate Town

yarn bombing town

We are nutty about knitting, wool and yarn and love seeing your amazing creations come to life.

A talented group of knitters have recreated a miniature version of their hometown entirely out of woollen yarn, the sweet creations were made in celebration of Yarn Knitting Month.

We love yarn knitting month, see our previous post about the quirky creations here.

As reported by the Metro Newspaper, the group, have lovingly recreated more than 15 of the town’s most prominent buildings, including the old town cinema and post office. Group leader, Sue Couves, said: ‘I really love doing this, we just sit around knitting until someone has a good idea.’

We couldn’t agree more Sue – knitting is a great way to be creative and get together with your friends and community to create something special.

Check out the impressive creations below:

Credit: Metro Newspaper
Credit: Metro Newspaper
Credit: Metro Newspaper

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