Vegan Knitting & Crochet Yarns

Whether you’re vegan in every aspect of life, or simply getting into the spirit of #veganuary by fancy switching up your usuals, we thought we’d share just some of our favourite Cotton and synthetic yarns, completely free from any wool content. ?



Cottonsoft DK line

100% Cotton

Available in 4 ranges: Cottonsoft, Candy, Crush, Baby Crush. The Cottonsoft line has some truly beautiful yarns, completely spoiling you for choice with the variety on offer.

Suitable for newborns right up to adults, it’s also the go-to for #OctopusForPreemies, #KnittedKnockers and delicate hats for cancer patients, due to the incredible softness and high cotton content. The durability and eye-catching colourways help to position this as one of our faves.



Giza line

100% Giza Mercerised Egyptian Cotton

Available in 3 ranges: DK, 4ply, Sorbet 4ply. It’s a firm favourite with crocheters, particularly with our friends at Simply Crochet mag, who have featured 4ply mandalas in every issue for the past year!

If you’re looking to crochet up intricate lace-detail or pretty little motifs, this is a beautiful yarn of choice.





Big Value Baby line

100% Premium Acrylic

A fantastic value yarn, available in 4 ranges: Chunky (Solid, Soft), DK (Solid, With a Twist), 4ply (Solid, Print, Spot), 3ply.

Our Big Value Baby line is incredibly popular across all ages and abilities; the acrylic is soft to the touch and doesn’t cause itchiness, which can be found in some wool yarns.

The Big Value Baby line is ideal for those chunky jumpers, babies’ cardigans, eye-catching accessories and much more.




Cherish/Cherished DK lines

100% Anti-Pilling Acrylic

Available in 3 ranges: Cherish, Cherish Dash, Cherished (Solid).

No bobbly bits and no shedding, this incredibly soft yarn is available in a range of solid and variegated shades, from pastels to vivid brights.

The wonderful dashed and stripy effect of Cherish Dash and Cherish make every garment unique, especially when offset with a complementary colour from Cherished DK.





Curiosity DK

100% Premium Acrylic

Available in 9 swirling variegated shades, including a free lace wrap pattern with every purchase.

Vegan cake? We’re in! Curiosity is our latest cake-yarn and has got everybody talking! It creates a stunning stripy effect and truly produces some one-of-a-kind garments.


Sock Yarn – Party Glitz 4ply

88% Acrylic, 7% PBT, 5% Metallic

Vegan sock yarns are few and far between, with most containing a small amount of wool. Fear not, however, we have got you covered! Add some razzmatazz to your tootsies with our unique Party Glitz, which is also brilliant for other accessories and jazzy garments.


Which are your favourite synthetic and cotton yarns to work with?

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