National Knitting Yarn Bombing

yarn bomb
Featured Image: Belper Arts Festival Trail 2018 by Lynne Henley

Yarn bombing – the latest colourful knitting craze is taking over our public streets, growing in popularity each year. So much so that it is officially celebrated during June! Here’s all you need to know about the practice, how to get involved and we show you some of our favourite knitted designs out there.

What Is Knitting Yarn Bombing?

Yarn bombing – also known as yarnstorming or even guerrilla knitting – is the practice of adding knitted works of art to public places. Allowing knitters to get creative with their knitting wool and knitting yarn and bringing joy to the general public by displaying their creations for all to see. The street art is often added to everyday objects such as lampposts, post boxes, fences, trees and railings.

For example, a yarn bomber has created a colourful bee design and wrapped it around a tree with a knitted decorative bee.

The worldwide guerrilla art movement has really taken off, with knitters creating the unusual art all year round. Its aim is to take knitting and crochet beyond accessories, blankets and clothes and to add colour and creativity to urban locations.

Broadbottom has been yarn-bombed Credit:

Knitting and crochet has continued to rise in popularity, with all generations. Celebrities are fans too. It’s rumoured that Uma Thurman, Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart, Meryl Streep and even the Duchess of Cambridge have all claimed their love for the hobby.


You can get involved at any time of year and simply use this year’s International Yarn Bombing month as inspiration.

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