Knitted Knockers

This weekend was Yarndale, which just so happens to be in Skipton, where we’re based! Yarndale is a very exciting weekend for yarn enthusiasts. Crafters from all over the UK come to join in. King Cole made an appearance and we visited with one of our favourite charities, Knitted Knockers.

Knitted Knockers are committed to providing knitted breast prostheses for women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy. NHS issued silicone prosthesis can be uncomfortable, heavy and rub sore spots on scars, whereas Knitted Knockers are soft, lightweight and can come in a vast selection of colours.

The Knockerettes (knitters) are the dedicated team who provide thousands of Knockers a year. To join them, there’s a process of knitting a test knocker, which must end up at exact dimensions based on individual knitter’s tension. Once a Knockerette has got the knack of creating the knockers, they have a selection process for recipients that the Knockerette choose. Then the Knockerette will create their recipient’s Knocker, and either deliver it in person, or send it via post. Often times Knockerettes have an opportunity to include a personalised message with their package, which we think is a lovely touch.

Knockers are made from soft 100% cotton yarn and are stuffed with polyfiber filling. Knitted Knockers regularly use our Cottonsoft and Cherished yarns. In addition to everyday-wear Knockers, they also offer Aqua Knockers, which are filled with quick-drying material for use under swimwear. We recently brought back our Cherished yarn in black, because of this niche demand for the yarn.

In addition to benefits for recipients of the Knockers, Knockerettes also often find it therapeutic to knit, and beneficial to their well being to help someone in need. There are several sizes of Knocker to choose from, and there’s also a crochet pattern if a Knockerette would prefer to crochet rather than knit. Requesting a Knocker is easy, the website is really straightforward, and all the FAQs are easy to find.

Knockers are entirely free to those in need. Knitted Knockers do sell £3 keyring Mini-Knockers to raise money, they can be bought online on their website alongside notecards.