How to Become a Knitter Part 3: Single Moss Stitch

How to knit single moss stitch

Welcome back to our ‘How to become a knitter” series. This is part three! We have covered the basics in parts one and two, now it’s time to try something a little more technical. In this episode we will be learning how to knit single moss stitch.


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This week we’re going to be working on single moss stitch. It’s a beautiful bobbly stitch that adds a lovely texture to any project. Examples of single moss stitch include pattern 5486 and pattern 3818.


How to Knit Single Moss Stitch


Please note that this is a tutorial for single moss stitch, not to be confused with double moss stitch which gives a completely different pattern. However, just because it’s a single doesn’t mean it’s half the fun!


All you need is your favourite yarn, the correct knitting needles and a nice refreshing beverage.


Just so you know there is a difference between British moss stitch and US moss stitch. This is a tutorial for British moss stitch.


Moss stitch is simply a sequence of knit 1, purl 1 alternating across a row. To make everything a little easier to digest we have put together a tutorial video to walk you through the steps. We also include common mistakes one can make when knitting moss stitch.



Other names for single moss stitch include:

  • Seed Stitch
  • Irish Moss stitch


The moss stitch is a lovely, versatile stitch that makes beautiful, knitted blankets and is easy enough to make a textured hat in just an evening.


We hope you enjoyed the tutorial and if you have any requests on what you would like to learn next, please let us know in the comments.