Green is the New Pink

Green is the New Pink

Green is the New Pink

Here at King Cole, we are renowned for being pink. Our logo is pink, our catalogues are pink and I’m sure, if certain people had their way, our offices would be pink too! But this year green is the new pink.

I won’t lie, the sharp increase in pink that came with the job at King Cole was a shock. I am more of a blue man myself; blue jeans, blue suede shoes, the Blues. However, I’ve always been partial to a bit of pink. It adds a certain, ‘je ne sais quoi’, to one’s life.

Pink lovers do not be afraid! King Cole will remain pink to our core. This bluey marketer with his green ideas isn’t going to change that. We are speaking about green in a sustainable sense. Over the past year King Cole has made momentous strides to becoming a more environmentally friendly company.

So, what’s changed? How is green the new pink?

Environmentally Friendly Yarns

Let’s kick off with something we all enjoy, yarn. In 2020 King Cole released Forest Aran, a yarn made entirely from recycled fibres. That makes it an entirely guilt-free purchase.

In addition, Forest Aran is just delicious, and don’t get me started on the patterns! If you are desperate to know more, (so you can blow your friends away with fun facts about Forest Aran) have a look at this leaflet.

Next, we have a bit of a secret. It’s a little naughty to mention this prior to the yarn launch but we have another recycled yarn coming for 2021. But we’ll keep that between ourselves.


Son of a Gun it’s the Sun

Towards the end of last year our Head Office got a new hat. However, instead of keeping the roof warm, it will be keeping all the happy workers inside toasty all day long. We’re talking about our shiny new solar panels!

Our brand-spanking-new energy system has come in the nick of time. Here in Skipton, it gets quite cold, sometimes cold enough to encourage raiding the pattern samples for a spare blanket – working for a knitting yarn company has perks you know!

Additionally, should the lights go out in Yorkshire, our solar-powered office will still be able to dish out the best yarns and patterns without a problem.


Start Me Up

Our most recent endeavour here at King Cole is to quiet down the streets of Skipton. Unfortunately, we aren’t speaking about becoming the Yorkshire Batman.

On this occasion we are encouraging electric car use in North Yorkshire having installed our very own PodPoint in our office car park. Available 24/7 you can fill up your car with our lovely solar energy whenever you so desire.

Disappointingly, solar energy does not improve car performance, but the ethical implications are great!


So, as you can see, ‘green is the new pink’… metaphorically speaking.


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