CAL: Postcards with Love

Designed by Eleonora Tully for King Cole, this CAL is made in 6 weekly instalments beginning on May 23rd 2022.

Send a postcard to friends and family when you’re away on travels or maybe just send an impromptu postcard from home to loved ones far away! Sharing a message, sights, adventures and memories… A little bit of joy popping through a letterbox…

Postcards sent with love but this time we’ll be crocheting them!


Made in either Big Value DK 50g or Cottonsoft DK, this gorgeous project is sure to delight. Please see below for more details:

Please visit your local stockist to find your yarn. Blanket measures approximately 122cm x 122cm (48in x 48in) using Cottonsoft DK and 127cm x 127cm (50in x 50in) using Big Value DK.

This blanket is made using a combination of different squares and rectangles. The pattern starts with a large central square. Four smaller squares and four rectangles are then crocheted, joined together and attached to the central square. These are crocheted around before further squares and rectangles are crocheted and joined. A border is crocheted around the entire blanket. 

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